Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rattan Furniture Exporter From Cirebon, Indonesia

Rattan Furniture Exporter From Cirebon, Indonesia If you search the words "rattan furniture exporter" on Google, you will get the result Companies mostly from Cirebon, Indonesia. Why ? Because Cirebon is the center of  rattan industry in Indonesia. Cirebon city is gifted with abundance crafters and weavers. This become the reason why Cirebon is Popular with its rattan industry. Other supporting factors are the availability of supporting industries such as paint, accessories, foam, fabric , and so on. Hence no wonder there are many rattan companies in Cirebon compare to with other cities in Indonesia.

However the trick is to find the trustworthy company among many exporters of rattan in Cirebon.  One company you can always trust is CV Tripolar . Founded in 2007, this company is now growing and export to many countries, namely USA, Polland, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, and UK.
Besides making their own design, Tripolar is also able to make furniture based on clients design. The price they offer is competitive with good quality. For more information you can contact them at

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Samoa Synthetic Rattan Chair

This is a new product from a synthetic rattan furniture manufacturer in Cirebon, Indonesia. The products is build by aluminum frame and synthetic poly peel material. Therefore it is suitable for side pool or beach side furniture.
The shape is simple and big, make this piece very comfortable to be sit on.
This piece is available in polyrond material also.
The colour is available in various colour such as honey, black, java bron, and many more. Please contact here for more information of this product.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Synthetic Rattan Barstool

Barstoll made form synthetic rattan (poly rattan) have been successful in sales. With alumunium frame, the furniture is light but still strong.

Like the latest product from us, Virginia Barstool. The design is simple, yet very attarcative to our clients.The colour combination of the weaving make the barstoll very attractive.
To order this beautiful piece , just contact this link

Monday, September 1, 2008

Outdoor poly rattan furniture

Outdoor poly rattan furniture has become new trend in furniture industry. Since the material used is from synthetic rattan fiber, than the furniture is suitable for outdoor use. Some material used also are uv resistant, therefore the life of the furniture could be long.
Usually the frame used for this furniture is alumunium or aluminum or just alu, therefore it is sometimes called as alu furniture.
Other terms are also used for the same furniture such as vinyl furniture, PE Rattan Outdoor furniture, all weather proof furniture and synthetic rattan furniture.
For more of poly rattan furniture products, you can contact this manufacturer.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Most Popular Living Set

From all living set collections we have, Sapporo living set is the most favourite one. This all weather living set provides comfort, yet with considerably economical price tag.
Sapporo set consists of two club chair, one Love Seat and one coffee table. The material of this living set is poly rattan or synthetic rattan material. The frame use alumunium pipe.
Sapporo arm chair itself is also familiar for dining chair, and it is also very salable.
So do not wait any longer. Buy this set for your fast moving sale items. Please contact here for more information.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Plastic Kubu Grey

Kubu Grey furniture is also a trend in recent years. And now furniture manufacturers also apply the design using plastic kubu grey. So, now you have natural look chair and strong enough for outdoor use.
The picture beside shows you example of plastic kubu grey chair. For more products of the plastic kubu grey chair please click here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Synthetic furniture for outdoor

Customers choose to buy synthetic furniture for its durability to outdoor use. Like the lounger chair shown next to this article. Lounger chairs are commonly used for hotels or resorts. And there are many models of loungers. The most common are loungers made from plastic / synthetic rattan weaving. to ask for more loungers models and price, please click here.